Single Window Service.Please for details.

    "Single Window Service" system was introduced.
  • Street Register
  • Attendance and Salary register
  • Vehicle movement register
  • Pending cases
  • Phone, Cell Phone Expenses
  • Bank Balance
  • Electricity charges
  • Family income information
  • Death searching
  • Birth Searching
  • Property Tax DCB
  • Water charge DCB • Non Tax DCB
  • Professional Tax DCB
  • Birth registration details
  • Death registration details
  • Payment Collection details head wise day/month/year
  • Issued certificates day/month/year
  • Grievance Status and Abstract
  • Complaint Status and Abstract
  • Search Screen
  • Payments made - Cheque / Draft details
  • Communication: Postal and e-mails

Single Window

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  • "Single Window Service" system was introduced.
  • Only completed applications were received after checklist verification. Register and Abstracts were maintained and tracked manually.
  • Educate the public on easy access to the Administration
  • Avoid the delay in services
  • Create trust and faith in faith,make them to feel their accountability and give time bound work shedule.
  • This reduced the Redressal and Expenditures.

From 1998


    Reformed the Municipal Administration Reforms were centered on achieving the following key objectives:
  • Public disclosure of municipal affairs to be more accountable
  • Delivery of instant and qualitative public service through a single window
  • Re-engineering of municipal processes to make services more effective
  • Revenue management – improving tax collection efficiency
  • Cost management – creating structures for effective monitoring of costs
  • Automation and computerization of municipal operations and services
  • Conservancy of the eco-system